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Residential Purchase Process

When buying an ET TUK TUK one must remember that this vehicle is being "built to order" just for you!  That means that once you place your order, in writing or verbally, and confirm it with a non-refundable deposit, our artisans begin the manufacturing process of your personal Tuk Tuk!

To initiate your purchase of your personal tuk tuk, the customary process will be as presented below:

1.  Decide which Tuk Tuk(s) you want to buy.

2.  Detail your "want list."  

This will be acomplished by walking through the Tuk Tuk selection process  reviewing your needs and "want list" with one of our Tuk Tuk Specialists.

3.  Receive your Printed "Purchase Agreement" as generated by our Tuk Tuk Specialist and sent to you attached to an e-mail.

4.  Identify the amount of your payment by finalizing your "Purchase Agreement" with a Specialist.

If financing is needed, use this form to gain the needed funds from your bank or financial institution of choice.

5.  Submit your signed Purchase Agreement and either wire or mail your deposit and upon confirmed receipt your tuk tuk(s) order is placed with the manufacturer by our Tuk Tuk Specialist.  Once funds are received, with or without a signed Purchase Agreement, such payment constitutes an order as long as a clearly written communication has taken place.

6.  The manufacturer begins the process of building your Tuk Tuk just for you according to your personalized order.  Estimated delivery time will be provided at the time of order and every attempt will be made to meet that projection.  Normal cycle is within 90 days.  

(Unforseen delays can take place which  are unwelcomed but sometimes unavoidable including acts of God, oceanic piracy, shipping delays, labor strikes, etc.  In any case, no funds are held beyond 150 days without availability of finished product without opportunity for a 100% refund to the consumer.)

7.  Receive "Completion Notice" from your Specialist notifying you as time draws near for the completion of your Tuk Tuk(s).  You will be asked at that time if you prefer to pick up your Tuk Tuk(s) at our plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or if you wish shipment.  If shipping is your choice, we will request basic shipping information from you and forward that to our manufacturer who will then call you and determine your receipt of product(s) within 10 business days maximum.

8.  Your Tuk Tuk(s) leaves the plant in route to you after being inspected by both the manufacturer and driver.

9.  You receive your Tuk Tuk upon which you (1) inspect your vehicle for damage that might have occurred during shipment, (2) complete your Delivery Certificate, (3) enjoy your new ET Tuk Tuk(s), and (4) tell your friends about us and our products.

10.  Take videos and/or pictures of you and yours with your Tuk Tuk in a most scenic location in your area and allow us to share your Tuk Tuk story with others via our web page.