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Tuk Tuk - What's that?


Go GREEN, Go CLEAN, and Go LEAN . . .

 Made by Americans for Americans and DOT Street Legal!

We can proudly share that all of our Tuk Tuks are made in the USA with our manufacturing taking place in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Every Electro Technologies Tuk Tuk is DOT (Department of transportation) approved as "STREET LEGAL" in all 50 States!  That means that every Tuk Tuk is able to be "tagged, titled, and insured" in every one of our blessed fifty states!**

Go GREEN, Go CLEANand Go LEAN . . . by going with a Tuk Tuk built by ELECTRO-TECHNOLOGIES and exclusively distributed in the United States and beyond by TUK TUK TRANSPORT.

The History and Worldwide acceptance of the Tuk Tuk

TUK TUKs are known around the world for their highly effective means of transporting people from one location to another.  But don't let the smaller size and the fun presentation of the Tuk Tuk fool you.  The Tuk Tuk is truly a WORLD CHANGER!

For the past 70 years the Tuk Tuk has been spreading, evolving, and morphing into one of the most important forms of ground transportation in the world.  The Tuk Tuk?  Yes, the Tuk Tuk!

The Tuk Tuk finds origin in both the hand-drawn rickshaws of Japan and China as well as the highly functional Piaggio Ape of Italy.  With the introduction of simple engines, Tuk Tuks were birthed using 2-stroke engines making a uniquely identifiable "tuk tuk" (pronounced "toook-tooook") sound, thus their early given name.

Because of their stylistic simplicity,demonstrated flexibility, and inexpensive operational cost, Tuk Tuks fast became popular in transporting people and products in countless cultures and nations.  This unequalled growth has persisted even until today as more and more countries give usage to the Tuk Tuk.  Just for a matter of perspective, there are presently more than 9 million in use in Thailand, 3 million in India, and 600,000 in Egypt. They are fast becoming common place on the streets of European, Mediterranean, Central American, and South American countries far and wide.

The previous images of the gas-powered Tuk Tuks were not good ones in regards to environmental pollution.  Sadly, the gas-powered 2-stroke Tuk Tuk could produce more environmentally distructive carbon emissions than 50 American made unleaded gas burning engines, understandably giving the Tuk Tuk a poorer reputation for years.

American-based ELECTRO TECHNOLOGIES has changed that image introducing a complete line of nine models of ECO-FRIENDLY ALL-ELECTRIC TUK TUKS!

Gain a perspective as to how Tuk Tuks are being used worldwide realizing that the majority of these are using the archaic emisson-producing engines, non-regulated safety equipment, and old technology.  (Exceptions may be seen in European models.)

EUROPEAN Countries:  Italy - Netherlands - France - United Kingdom - Germany - Spain - Portugal

ASIAN Countries:  Japan - China - Thailand - India - Philippines - Vietnam - Pakistan - Indonesia - Laos - Cambodia - Bangladesh - Gaza  - Sri Lanka

AFRICAN Countries:  Kenya - Ethiopia - Somalia - Tanzania - Mozambique - Egypt

CENTRAL AMERICAN Countries:  Cuba - El Salvador - Guatemala

SOUTH AMERICAN Countries:  Peru - Brazil

The Tuk Tuk is in daily usage by the countless millions in nearly every area of the world but North America.  That's now changing!




** Local regulations for specific usages may apply.  Consult with your local regulatory offices for clarification.